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Translation Office 3000 8.0

A comprehensive tool for keeping track of the accounting of translation business
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Keeping track of the accounting data of a business is always a headache for non-accountants. Even if you hire a professional accountant, you need to keep track of some basic information. Translators, as well as other professionals who perform an intellectual and/or creative work, seem to be more prone to neglect their accounting duties, preferring to devote more time to their job than to other tasks. If you are a freelance translator or own a small translation business, chances are that your accounting is less perfect than it should be. For this reason, you may want to consider using Translation Office 3000. It is an accounting program especially designed for people in the translation business. It includes interesting features like a very comprehensive Client interface, allowing you to enter all the data related to your clients, like their contact information, quotes you have presented to them, invoices payable, and so on. Also, it lets you keep track of your prices, projects pending, works in process and paymets received, as well as many other data. This would allow you to keep a neat record of your accounting, saving you a good amount of time and money.
The trial version is fully functional during 30 days. If you intend to keep using the program during an extended period, you must purchase a license. There is a more recent version that you can download at the developer's site.

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